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Aroha mai, aroha atu
Kindness received, kindness given

Kindness is a way of life and a treasure beyond all else.

Another whakatauki reads:

Ahakoa he iti he pounamu
Even though it is small it is a treasure

A small act of kindness proliferates into more of the same. 

It grows in the person who gives it, becoming in them more and more their instinct and habit. 

It grows in the person who receives it, like the way a smile from one person triggers the other to smile, a smile that is then passed on to more and more others.

Supporting Families

Ka whangaia, ka tupu, ka puawai

That which is nurtured grows, then blossoms.

Dame Tariana Turia used this whakatauki in her promotion of Whanau Ora back in its early days.  As I saw it at the time, the idea of Whanau Ora was good sense for all kinds of people. Its philosophy is cross-cultural in terms of ensuring support for the whole family in all aspects of life.   Not individual, not just specific issue focus, but integrated and well connected.

We are Whanaunga

Ko tō ngākau ki ngā taonga a ō tupuna

In your heart lie the treasures of your ancestors

As people of biblical faith, we have a foundation that is not in fact the mainstream of the world-view called “Western”.  Drawing on the traditions of the Hebrew ancestry, and interpreted and deepened by the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, our foundational culture is not white.  If you wanted to give it a colour, I’d call it “olive”.  Which has a nice association, given the olive tree is a symbol of peace.

Mentors and Heritage

Over the summer two people important in my life have been farewelled.  One I have known for just a few years but his influence on me has been significant in who I have become during my years in Te Tai Tokerau Northland.  The other I’ve known always.  One is our kaumatua Hiwi Tauroa, the other is my uncle Keith McPhail.

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Head and Heart

Love is the big booming beat which covers up the noise of hate.          Margaret Cho

Do you know when it is your head speaking and when it is your heart speaking when you say something?  Reacting to something that happens or responding to someone else’s comments, where do your words or actions come from?

Joy Cowley has a poem in Aotearoa Psalms called Head and Heart. 

Head said: “I am logic.  I am structure.

I am the stake which supports the young plant.”

Heart said: “I am love. I am mystery.