This is our mission with a focus on the well-being of the community and all of its people.  

We seek to provide opportunities for people to improve their chances for good livelihood and healthy life as individuals and as whanau.

Involvement in these projects, as leaders, helpers, or participants, is open to all.   Examples of projects so far are :

  • Cooking Classes: Cooking Healthy Food on a Tight Budget
  • Being Well: An Integral Journey Towards Healing, for people living with chronic conditions
  • Driver Licence Courses

If you have ideas for further projects, or an interest in any of these projects being repeated, get in touch email

Projects involve both volunteers and paid expertise as appropriate.  Costs for participants are kept to a minimum with the Kaeo-Kerikeri Union Parish providing funding as required.

Why?  You could say simply that it is because we are following in the steps of Jesus.

Click here for our Driver Licencing Project