Hosting At Cornerstone

Cornerstone – Whare Karakia o Manako was always envisioned to be a Open Home for the wider Community as well as church home for the Kerikeri Union Church.

We endeavour to be open daily on week days from 10am to 2pm.

This is achieved through the presence of Volunteer Hosts.  These are people who may do useful things around the building – being good homemakers – but the main thing is being present to welcome warmly all who come through the doors, as part of user groups or just to visit.

Hospitality is our theme (something learnt from Jesus).

All who would like to be part of the team of Volunteer Hosts are most welcome to join.  You don’t have to be a Sunday Church attender.  Just have a heart for building relationships and helping people feel at home.


The Kerikeri Union Church and The Kaeo Union Church are the groups that are at these building’s heart – its kaitiaki, sustaining vision and values sourced from Christian faith.

The church’s ethos is open hospitality embracing inter-faith and non-religious, all churches and all faiths while maintaining mutual respect with other church fellowships. The church’s goal is to give room to all people to feel welcome and for our place to be your place.