Cornerstone - Whare Karakia o Manako

Home for Kerikeri Union Church - Open Home for Kerikeri Community

On the corner of Kerikeri Road and the Heritage Bypass 

  • A place that offers itself as an oasis of peace.
  • An environment for fostering good relationships between people 
  • Common ground for collaboration on projects for personal and community well-being
  • Home away from home for family celebrations and commemorations.
Ki te manako tetahi ki tetahi tamaiti nohinohi penei,
he whakaaro hoki ki tōku ingoa, e manako ana ki ahau
Whoever welcomes such a little one as these in my name, welcomes me.            
  Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 18:5        


Many Threads - One Place of Welcome

At the heart of the building is a window with the theme of "Unifying".

Toi Te Rito Maihi sees us offering space for the diverse, often fragmented or divisive, strands of the Kerikeri Community to be woven together in strong relationships.

This weaving together of people develops into the figure of the cross.  Christ - God's Way of self-giving - effectively weaves us together.

At the cross the weave is firm and sure.  At the edges, reaching out into the world, it is loose.   Loose strands are important to the image and the vision. The message is that all are welcome and can link as loosely or tightly into the weave of the cross as they choose.


The Kerikeri Union Church is the group that is at this building's heart - its kaitiaki, sustaining vision and values sourced from Christian faith. The church's ethos is open hospitality embracing inter-faith and non-religious, while maintaining mutual respect with other church fellowships. The church's goal is to give room to all people to feel welcome and for our place to be your place.


  • Hall - Seats 150-160
  • Worship Area - Seats 150-175

These two areas can be used together as one room.   Audio Visual and IT/data connections are available in both ares, separately or operating as one, with camera relay from Worship Area to Hall projector.  

  • Meeting Room - Seats 20-25
  • Childrens' Room - Seats 12-15

IT/data connections available in both of these rooms.  A kitchenette with a 7.5 litre auto-boiler is available with the hire of any areas, at no extra cost.

  • Kitchen - Fully equipped to serve 200 plus people.  Commercial grade equipment including  35 litre water boiler, dish-washer, 900mm oven and cooktop, and steam oven, with microwave and small bench top oven.
(FNDC approved maximum for the building = 250)


The building is available to any who wish to book it, regardless of faith or no faith, on condition that no disrespect is shown for beliefs and values of the kaitiaki of the building.  All users are requested to abide by the terms of use: copy available on request or can be downloaded here


Applications can be made to the parish council for the use of alcohol for appropriate events.  It is decided case by case and moderation is essential.  Protocols for use of alcohol can be accessed here.


  • Hall - $25/hr, $150 full day (8 hours), $10/additional hour
  • Worship Area - $25/hr, $150 full day (8 hours), $10/additional hour
  • Hall & Worship Area - $50/hr, $300 full day (8 hours), $15/additional hour
  • Meeting Room - $15/hr, $75 full day
  • Childrens' Room - $15/hr, $75 full day
    • Kitchen - $25 per for full use of kitchen, $10 for other use, per 4hr period or less.

    All fees are GST inclusive.  A discount of 10% for regular users.  Fees may vary, and can be subject to change.

    A user agreement will need to be signed prior to first occasion of use.

    The brochure can be downloaded from here

    Nau mai, haere mai.  Contact us to come and check out the facilities, or to make your booking.

    09 407 8250

    Or just call by when you see the door open.  Open 10am to 2pm on weekdays and often at other times as well.